How to Check Website Uptime using Google Cloud Monitoring


Create a New Uptime Check

  1. Click Create Uptime Check
  2. A popup window will appear where you can provide all the details.
  3. In the title you can provide a title to identify your check.
  4. In Check Type you can choose from HTTP, HTTPS or TCP. Here we will choose HTTPS if we use HTTPS.
  5. In the Resource Type you can choose from URL, App Engine, Elastic Load Balancer or Instance. Here we will choose URL and enter the domain name in Hostname.
  • If you choose URL you need to enter your domain name in the Hostname field or which ever you use to connect to the resource.
  • If you choose App Engine you need to select a service.
  • If you choose Load Balancer you need to choose the Load Balancer.
  • If you choose Instance you need to select the instance that needs to be monitored.

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